Our Vision and Mission

We aim to be the best in Scandinavia at professional laundry Equipment.

Our mission

Through expertise and dedication, we will guide our clients to the best solution for each specific laundry room.

What does that mean?

We put ourselves in our customers' daily lives, guiding them to the right choice of equipment and taking full responsibility. We will be there for our customers before, during and after the purchase of the professional laundry equipment.

Professional laundry room equipment

Our definition of "Professional laundry room equipment" is that our machines will be utilized to the max, be it in laundry rooms, hotels, hospitals or elsewhere. Different applications often require different demands on the machines and the operations. We offer a range that is optimal for apartment buildings, real estate and professional users thanks to a close cooperation with leading partners and our own product development.

Our core values

We always base everything off our core values of excellence, kindness, and commitment.