The Company and The Brand

PODAB is a Swedish, family- owned business.

For over 70 years we have worked with professional laundry equipment, nothing else. This is what makes us specialists at what we do. Our products are available for condominiums, hotels and restaurants, fire stations, hospitals, and riding stables, just to name a few.

Laundry since 1945

Companions Pettersson, Olsson and Dahlin decided in 1945 to begin the production of washing machines. PODAB got its name after the three men's initials together with AB. The company name was established in 1976 and registered trademark PODAB-REVECENT.

Washing Machines in Manufacturing 1963

Carl-Johan Sellberg bought the company in 1963. He developed the business and produced washing machines in Gothenburg, Sweden. The factory in Partille, Sweden flourished during the 60's and about a hundred people collaborated to produce washing machines in the factory east of Gothenburg.

Leading suppliers 1985

1985 was a very important year in the history of PODAB. This was when the decision was made to partner with leading suppliers and handpick laundry equipment perfectly suited for the Swedish market. This began the cooperation with IPSO. IPSO is a part of the Alliance Laundry Systems, the world's largest manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment.

Visions 1988

In 1988, the company was handed down to the oldest son of Carl- Johan, Robert Sellberg. A visionary who has developed PODAB to be one of the larger Swedish companies and innovators in professional laundry equipment. In 1991, PODAB moved to larger premises in western Gothenburg, and in 1999 a sales office was established in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

A Wider collection 2003

In 2003 it was decided that PODAB was going to broaden its washing range with Swiss Schulthess. This was when PODAB proudly welcomed two new series to the company, Baseline and Streamline.

PODAB today

In 2011 the office in Gothenburg was rebuilt and refurbished. That same year was the inauguration of new premises where development, inventory and sales could thrive under the same roof. 2012 began the cooperation with Primus, a partnership that gives PODAB strong and stable suppliers and a collection that is customized for the Swedish market. With Jimmy Nilsson as the CEO, PODAB continues to grow and develop conditions to optimize washing equipment in all Swedish laundries.