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ProLine TS 63 VP

ProLine TS 63 VP is a unique drying cabinet with a heat pump. It has a very low energy consumption of 0,28 kWh/kg*.

The drying cabinet is equipped with a Humidity Tracking System (HTS) which senses the humidity level and stops the drying process when the laundry is dry. It has double fans and air-channels which create a perfect balance between evacuated and recirculated air. The under-pressure prevents the hot air to leak out into the laundry room.

It is equipped with four automatic programs and one program for timed drying. Choose between seven languages; Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, French, German and Spanish.

Drying cabinets are ideal for drying delicate garments that should not be tumble dried. ProLine TS 63 VP dries efficiently without friction which extends the life-span of the garments.

* Drying of 6 kg cotton (dry weight), washed and high-spinned to 43% residual moisture, dried to 0% residual moisture.

- Drying cabinet with a heat pump
- Capacity, up to 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
- Energy consumption, 0,28 kWh/kg
- Hanging length 16 m
- Four automatic programs and one program for timed drying
- The doors open 190 degrees
- The unique hanging frame can be rotated 180 degrees
- Lighting inserted
- The feet are adjustable from the inside of the cabinet
- The top is removable for easier handling and installation
- Delivered semi-mounted, top packed as an assembling kit

Optional extras
-Hook rack, set of three

Main data

TS 63 VP
Article number131031
Capacity, kg (lbs)8 (17.6)
Total effect, kW1,5
Electrical connection 3~N, 400 V, 50Hz
Fuse, A10
Evacuated airflow, m3/h-
Width, mm (inch)1200 (47,2)
Depth, mm (inch)650 (25,6)
Height, mm (inch)1995 (78,5)
Weight, kg (lbs)165 (364)
Airborne sound level, dB56
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