Environmental focus

Focus on the environment

Many of our products' beneficial features also benefit the environment. We deliver advanced solutions for efficient drying with minimum energy consumption. Keep an eye out for ECO innovation. It is our labeling of PODAB products that are developed with an extra focus on contributing to a better environment. 

Reduce energy consumption by 50%

All our drying cabinets are equipped with a Humidity Tracking System (HTS) which switches off drying when the cabinet’s contents are dry. This gives perfect drying results with the least possible energy consumption. If you choose our cabinets with heat pump, the energy consumption will be reduced by 50%. 

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy states that we will actively work on environmental issues. By following Certway's quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001, we put power behind the words and can secure you that our work is quality and environmental conscious.

Swedish Energy Efficiency

ECO Innovation

We offer climate smart products with many features that benefit the environment. PODAB-products that carry an ECO-innovation symbol are developed with the environment in mind.

HTS - Humidity Tracking System

Our in-house developed, high- technology system, HTS, measures the level of humidity and stops the drying process exactly when the textiles are dry.


Swedish Quality

We offer professional drying cabinets of the highest quality, developed and manufactured in Sweden. They are manufactured exclusively at Agrippa, in modern production facilities. 



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