One of our greatest strengths is an unbeatable capacity to deliver customized solutions. We work close to our customers and produce specially adapted products at competitive prices. Our customers speak for our quality. Below you can read more about their opinions and about how some of our customers have implemented our products into their field of application. 

Rescue Service, Borås

South of the Swedish city Borås, Guttasjön is located. That is one of the most modern exercise and training facilities for fire fighters in Sweden. They have the PODAB drying cabinet ProLine FC 20, especially constructed for fire stations. The unique drying cabinet comes with special hangers and customized drying programs for protective garments. 

"We replaced our dryers with the PODAB drying cabinet. It dries without wear and reaches high enough temperature to reactivate the impregnation of the garments. We are very satisfied with the product”, says Lennart Hällfors, Service Manager at Guttasjön. 

Dry cleaning, Gothenburg

VIC Textiltvätt AB is a modern laundry and dry cleaning company. They use the PODAB drying cabinet, ProLine TS 63 E to dry delicate garments that shouldn´t be tumble dried. 

”Even though the textiles must be dried at a low temperature, they dry in a very efficient way. Thanks to the drying cabinet, we avoid shrinkage and wrinkled garments. It is an outstanding drying cabinet that I highly recommend”, says Stefan Kettelhoit at Vic Textiltvätt AB.

New concept laundry

At Mölndalsvägen in Gothenburg they developed a new laundry concept - a laundry lounge. They created an elegant but rough environment were students could hang out with friends or study, while doing the laundry. The laundry lounge is located at the first floor and all products are from PODAB. The drying cabinet ProLine TS 63 VP, a drying cabinet with heat pump, was chosen to minimize energy consumption. 

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