Specialists in professional drying equipment

We specialise in professional laundry products. For over 70 years, we have focused on drying equipment complemented by various accessory products.


For over 70 years we have worked with professional laundry equipment, nothing else. This is what makes us specialists at what we do. With our extensive experience and the ability to constantly innovate products, we have become one of the leading providers of technologically advanced drying equipment. Through expertise and dedication, we guide our clients to the best solution for every specific laundry room. 


We develop products that withstand extreme conditions in tough environments. All products are thoroughly tested to meet our high quality standards. We provide user-friendly equipment – all functions are easy to understand even for the inexperienced user. Our drying cabinets are also easy to maintain. Many of our drying cabinets have removable tops for easier handling and installation. 

Swedish quality

Drying cabinets from PODAB are Swedish Made. They are manufactured exclusively at Agrippa, in modern production facilities. Since the manufacturing process is local we can assure high quality products. As you would expect from Swedish engineering, we produce the best drying cabinets in the world. 


PODAB offers climate-smart products with many features that benefit our customers as well as the environment. We deliver advanced solutions for efficient drying with minimum energy consumption. For example, our unique drying cabinets with heat pump reduce electrical energy demand by up to 50%, compared to evacuation models. When choosing PODAB, you know that you will get energy and water efficient products. 

Technological innovations

PODAB has established itself as innovators and a driving force of technological progress. An example is our drying products fitted with HTS (Humidity Tracking System) functionality. A humidity sensor measures the level of humidity to determine exactly when the textiles are dry. It is one of our energy-saving innovations that reduce energy consumption. 

Become a Distributor

We are always looking for professional partners in order to extend our network. We collaborate with our partners to rapidly identify and develop tailor-made products. 

Specialising in professional drying equipment

We are specialists and innovators who care about the user and the environment. We deliver the highest quality in everything we do, whether it's product or service related. We put every effort into making sure that you as our customer is satisfied. 

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