Plinth for Schulthess TopLine Pro TA 9340/TC 9350/TW 9360

Plinth specially developed for Schulthess TopLine Pro TA 9340/TC 9350/TW9360. The plinth ensures that the machine is placed securely and provides a comfortable and ergonomic working height. 

Height: 300 mm

Article number: 102059

Product information


The plinth is developed to make the laundry room more ergonomic and carefree. It is designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the laundry room and it helps to significantly reduce noise and vibration as the machines are secured to the plinths. By using the adjustable feet, the machines can easily become the same height. The plinth is 300 mm high and the free space underneath it makes it easy to keep clean under the machines. 

• Reduces noise and vibration
• Easy to clean underneath the plinth
• Easy to assemble, welded plinth with few additional parts
• Same plinth for washing machines and tumble dryers
• Provides an ergonomic working height 


Plinth fits:
Schulthess TopLine Pro TA 9340/TC 9350/TW9360

Technical specifications



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