Why invest in a drying cabinet?

PODAB offers a wide range of drying cabinets in different sizes and with different interiors for various uses. Drying cabinets have huge benefits over tumble dryers because they dry without mechanical action. Though traditional dryers will work for some of your items, more delicate pieces that are difficult to dry require a drying cabinet. Drying cabinets are perfect for delicate pieces that are recommended to “hang dry,” “flat dry,” or for clothes that should not be tumble dried. All drying cabinets from PODAB are developed and manufactured in Sweden.


  • Gentle drying procedure

  • Longer garment lifetime

  • Flexible for all garments

  • Reduces wrinkles and shrinkage

  • Multiple drying options

  • Low temp drying

  • Low maintenance 

  • Efficient drying and low energy cost

Humidity Tracking System

Our in-house developed high-tech system, Humidity Tracking System (HTS), senses the humidity level and stops the drying process as soon as the textiles are dry.

ECO Innovation

We offer climate smart products with many features that benefit the environment. PODAB-products that carry an ECO-innovation symbol have been developed with the environment as a central focus. 

Gentle and fast drying

In a drying cabinet, your garments are subject to less wear and tear. Even your most delicate items of clothing will be dried gently. By checking the labels on your clothes, you will find that approximately 30% of all garments need very careful washing and drying treatment. Furthermore, outdoor footwear, heavy clothing, carpets and protective garments that are difficult or impossible to tumble dry, dries fast in a drying cabinet. 

Perfect for heavy garments

Our drying cabinet designed for hard to dry garments, such as personal protective garments (PPE), dry fast because of the unique hangers. The specially designed hangers dry the inside of the garments and the distribution of hot air within the cabinet dries the outside layers. This is a fast way to dry the textiles and extend the life of your garments. 

Reduce energy consumption by 50%

All our drying cabinets are equipped with a Humidity Tracking System (HTS) which switches off drying when the cabinet’s content are dry. This gives perfect drying results with the least possible energy consumption. If you choose our cabinets with heat pump, the energy consumption will be reduced by 50%. 

Easy to use and maintain

PODAB provides user-friendly products with functions that are easy to understand, even for the inexperienced user. The drying cabinets are easy to maintain. For example, many of our cabinets have a removable top for easier handling and installation.

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