Drying cabinetProLine TS 63 VP

ProLine TS 63 VP is an extremely energy efficient drying cabinet with heat pump. It has a capacity of 8 kg (17,6 lbs) and a low energy consumption of only 1,7 kWh per session. The drying cabinet is developed and manufactured in Sweden and fits perfectly in laundry rooms where durable and reliable products are demanded.

Article number: 131031

Product information

Energy efficient drying cabinet

ProLine TS 63 VP is a very energy efficient drying cabinet that has an energy consumption of only 1,7 kWh per session and a drying time of only 58 minutes. The drying cabinet is equipped with a Humidity Tracking System (HTS). This system senses the humidity level and stops the drying process exactly when the textiles are dry. The heat pump technology reduces energy consumption by half compared to traditional evacuating models.

Environment as a focus

The ECO-innovation symbol is placed on all PODAB products that have been developed with the environment as a central focus. TS 63 VP is one of our products that is developed to reduce energy consumption. If environmental issues are a priority, TS 63 VP is the best choice. 

User-friendly drying cabinet

The drying cabinet has four automatic programs and one program for timed drying. Clear symbols show information throughout the entire drying process on a user-friendly display. The doors can be opened 190° and the unique hanging bar, can rotate out 180°. The display has seven available languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, French, German and Spanish). The cabinet can easily be connected to a central payment system.

Delivered semi-mounted with top packed as an assembling kit.
Can also be delivered as a full assembling kit, flat-packed (art no 131039)

Humidity Tracking System

Our in-house developed high-tech system, Humidity Tracking System (HTS), senses the humidity level and stops the drying process as soon as the textiles are dry.

ECO Innovation

We offer climate smart products with many features that benefit the environment. PODAB-products that carry an ECO-innovation symbol have been developed with the environment as a central focus. 

Why invest in a drying cabinet?

Drying cabinets have huge benefits over tumble dryers because they dry without mechanical action and are therefore the perfect option for delicate garments that are not suitable to tumble dry. 

Technical specifications



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