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For over seventy years, we have focused on drying equipment complemented by various accessory products. As a result of our experience and ability to constantly innovate products, we have become one of the leading providers of technologically advanced drying equipment. With our high quality products, specialist competencies, and dedicated service, we will make sure that your laundry room becomes more cost-effective, sustainable and user- friendly. 


    We offer high performance laundry equipment for carefree laundry rooms


    User-friendly solutions with thought through ergonomics


    Quality in everything we do, products, deliveries, and service


    Climate-smart products with many features that benefit the environment


    At the forefront of innovations within the professional laundry industry

Unique drying cabinets 

PODAB offers a wide range of drying cabinets in different sizes and with different interiors for various uses. Drying cabinets have huge benefits over tumble dryers because they dry without mechanical action. Though traditional dryers will work for some of your items, more delicate pieces that are difficult to dry require a drying cabinet.

Drying cabinets are perfect for delicate pieces that are recommended to “hang dry,” “flat dry,” or for clothes that should not be tumble dried. All drying cabinets from PODAB are developed and manufactured in Sweden.

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Product catalogue - professional drying equipment

With over 75 years of experience and the ability to constantly innovate products, we have become one of the leading providers of technologically advanced drying equipment. We offer professional drying cabinets of the highest quality, developed and manufactured in Sweden. The unique drying cabinet, ProLine FC 20, can dry both the inside and the outside of the garments at the same time. 

In our product catalogue, you find detailed information about our high performance tumble dryer, drying cabinets, dehumidifiers, and accessory products. 

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